For applications where wider formats may be required, the WING is a simplified and solid print solution . Available in 2”, 4” and 8” variants, it can be used in a variety of industries from Graphics to Mail to Packaging.

All of the drive electronics and cabling are internal leaving a cleaner and more streamlined installation in any situation. Standard M12 connectors are placed on top of the unit for simpler connectivity to sensors, encoders and interfaces.

The red anodized housing is made of heavy gauge 1/2” aluminum to enable it to be utilized in almost any installation environment and comes with multiple mounting locations to facilitate easy integration.


The .WING supports up to a 600 dpi resolution giving you maximum quality at all times and at a speed that meets your production objectives.


A condensed footprint with all cabling inside the case, the .WING is simple to integrate into other equipment.. At the bare minimum it is only four cables to connect—sensor, encoder, power and an Ethernet cable to the User Interface. It really couldn’t be any simpler and cleaner!

With decades of experience in the marking and coding markets, norwix has a wealth of knowledge to build on in developing print solutions that are simple to integrate and easy to operate


  • Wide format up to 8 inches
  • Solid ruggedized housing
  • Multiple mounting locations
  • Managed print for highest quality print
  • SmartCard enabled