Norwix offers private labelling all of the products – from Board Level solution through to Turnkey Products that use your company graphics.

Color and Graphics Branding

Existing turnkey Norwix products can be private labeled to meet your own corporate look and colors. From specific anodized colors to graphics on the product. We can also assist you in developing the look you need from templates to full designs.

  • Any Norwix  Solution can be Private Labelled
  • Full technical support and documentation
  • Minimal  maintenance  requirements

Customized Inks

Just as hardware can be branded, so can the inks. We can provide your own custom labelled inks to suit your markets and applications. We can offer water based inks to solvent inks, from stand alone cartridges to Bulk Ink Solutions.

Custom Designs

If we don’t have the product you need, we can work on custom solutions. This includes complete new design or just minor changes to make it easier to integrate into your existing equipment.

Board Level Solutions

Norwix can provide the essential products that enable you to build your own printing solution—the Norwix Print Controller board, pen driver boards and basic plastic print stalls.

Full documentation is available together with software, hardware and firmware specialists to assist in the development of your own custom product.

  • Lowest cost coding solution
  • Full technical support and documentation
  • Minimal maintenance  requirements


Transferrable Warranties

Norwix provides the industry’s only Lifetime Warranty—If there is ever a problem, we will replace it free of charges for the lifetime of that product, whether 1 year or 20 years from now.

This is passed on to you and can be promoted to aid in your sales efforts.