Flexible Coding Solutions

Flexible Coding Solutions for Form Fill Sealers


The high resolution iSP printers provide a versatile, cost-effective and solid solution to meet the need for variable data printing in a range of Vertical Form and Fill Sealers (VFFS).

From 1 lane through to 18 lanes using industry standard roll widths of 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm and 1200mm.

No unreliable and expensive shuttling system, no complex ribbons to change. With a small footprint, a modular design and with no moving parts to consider, this print solution gives maximum uptime with almost no maintenance and comes with a true Lifetime Warranty on all parts.

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Flexible Coding Solutions for Form Fill Sealers

Flexible Packaging is the future. Many companies are betting their future on. The Form, Fill and seal market is large and getting bigger everyday. However, current coding and marking solution scan be troublesome and costly. This is a simplified, highly cost effective method to make this sometimes onerous task cleaner, cheaper and easier without breaking the bank.

This is a MasterClass on the options available to you rather than a straight product presentation.

    January 26, Tuesday 9.00am EST January 29, Friday 3.00pm EST
    February 2, Tuesday 9.00am EST February 5, Friday 3.00pm EST
    February 9, Tuesday 9.00am EST February 12, Friday 3.00pm EST
    February 16, Tuesday 9.00am EST February 19, Friday 3.00pm EST
    February 23, Tuesday 9.00am EST February 26, Friday 3.00pm EST