To reduce operating costs, bulk ink solutions are available for many TIJ based inks. They are perfect for applications where larger volumes of ink will be used, such as Case Coding, Lumber or Mail and Graphics.

Operational Costs can be reduced by a factor of 3. These cost savings must be offset by the additional costs of the Bulk equipment.

Although Bulk Ink solutions are based up gravity feed and the use of Regulators, for solvent based inks, a specialized active bulk system is available to add reliability and increase throughput.


Bulk Ink Holders

There are two types of holder.

Gravity Fed.

The 800ml bulk holder (Aqueous Inks) has empty detection capability. The unit must be connected to a regulator to perform.

Active Device.

Available only for TSD1010, the 400ml Bulk Supply is an active device that connects directly to the cartridge and measures ink pressure at the cartridge. Ink is fed from the bulk supply to the cartridge when required.  It does not require connection to a Regulator.


Bulk Regulators

This regulates the ink pressure from the Bulk Ink holder to the Cartridge and comes in various formats  for printing vertically or horizontally and pre-configured in multiples of four or individually.

Quick Disconnect Cartridges

There are two styles of quick disconnect cartridges

Aqueous Based. The Quick Disconnect bulk cartridges are available in two options—with a 3 inch (for .CORE units) or 10 inch long tubes and connector for other norwix print solutions.

Solvent Based. For use with the Active Bulk Holders, they have an internal sensor for measuring  the volume of ink inside.  They do not require attachment to a  regulator.